Aetrium 5050 DTS Dual Site Handler
Airborne Particle Removal System
Annealing Furnace (Tube)
Bake Ovens & Incubators
Barnstead Diomatic 10
Exatron 902 Random Sort Handler
Longhill Model LH830 Wafer Mounter
Meyer Burger ID Saw
Mosaid Memory Test Systems
Power Supplies
SpeedFam Polishers
Wafer Polishing Pads
Wafer Polishing Carriers/Templates
Temptronic Temperature Forcing Systems
Testing Equipments
VERTEQ 1600-34 Spin-Rinse-Dryer (SRD)
Wire and Band Saws
Used Fab Equipment
Terms and Conditions

Used Semiconductor Equipment, a division of AGMG Inc, specializes in buying and selling used or pre-owned semiconductor and solar equipments, as well as their related consumables. 

The equipment we deal with are: 

- Semiconductor substrate manufacturing equipment such as crystal puller, annealing furnaces, grinders, polishers, laser markers, wafer cleaners and rinse/driers, steppers, testing equipments, and related consumables

- Fab surplus and used equipments for 6", 8" and 12" wafers and their consumables

- Used solar related manufacturing equipment for Silicon, thin film CIGS and thin film Amorphous Si Solar Cells

Due to the rising costs of new equipment, many businesses are choosing to purchase used or surplus equipment for their immediate needs. The majority of the equipment we deal with are quality machines. It is a convenient way to obtain quality equipment without having to pay the full retail price for new machines. 


If you need any used equipment mentioned above, please do feel free to contact us for details at

Used Semiconductor Equipment, AGMG Inc.
29430 Union City Blvd
Union City, CA 94587
510-675-9793 (Main)
510-803-5066 (Fax)
510-567-4498 (Direct)